June 18, 2014
Christopher James Lees Conducts the Flint Symphony Orchestra

Flint Symphony Orchestra

Crossroads Village

July 3, 2014


With the Flint Jubilee Chorale

Christopher James Lees, guest conductor



Smith, The Star-Spangled Banner 

Gould, American Salute

Gershwin, Strike up the Band 


Hamlisch/Lowden, Selections from A Chorus Line

Grainger, Molly on the Shore 

Marquez, Danzon #2 

Liadov, Musical Snuff Box 


Flint Jubilee Chorale with FSO

John Williams: Call of the Champions 

Lowden, Armed Forces Salute 

John Williams: Hymn to the Fallen


Tchaikovsky, Overture 1812 

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