May 28, 2013
Christopher James Lees receives 2013 Career Assistance Award from Solti Foundation US

The Career Assistance Awards are given by the Foundation to encourage and provide critical assistance to talented young conductors at the start of their professional careers.

In making the announcement, Penny Van Horn, Solti Foundation U.S. Board Chair, stated, "The Solti Foundation U.S. looks to the future as it seeks to recognize and offer assistance in the development of talented young American conductors who ultimately will share the gift of their artistry with us."

"It is with pleasure that The Solti Foundation U.S. congratulates the 2013 recipients of the Solti Foundation U.S. Career Assistance Awards - Vladimir Kulenovic, Ankush Kumar Bahl, Roger Kalia, and Christopher James Lees."

"The Foundation takes great pride in recognizing and providing assistance in the development of these talented young conductors as they continue to hone their art. We look forward to following their careers."

THE SOLTI FOUNDATION U.S. was established after the 1997 death of Sir Georg Solti. Its mission is to assist talented young American musicians at the start of their professional careers. It has made annual grants to awardees since 2003. Since 2004 it has focused on helping exceptional young conductors.

Sir Georg’s widow, Lady Solti, has explained it in these words: “Sir Georg Solti believed in a guardian angel that guided his life and he was grateful to the agents of that angel – the people who helped him at difficult times. The Solti Foundation believes that music is essential – especially during these troubled times – to healing and connecting individuals and global lives. Therefore, we are committed to realizing Sir Georg’s passion for excellence in music and extending help to further the early careers of those with exceptional talent.”

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